All of our skins are designed and cut using today's state of the art CAD design and cutting equipment. We start off with a 21,000+ point model of every game console we skin and render exact measurement from it. Accurate to within 0.1 MM.

So what does this mean?

Well for starters, it means your skin is going to fit your game console perfectly. It means that holes will line up where there supposed to and it also means that circular cuts will be clean and precise. If you've ever had your hands on a "sub-standard skin", you may have noticed that a lot of corners were cut. Slightly curved edges were often replaced with straight lines, holes were off center or rough around the edges. This is usually caused by inexpensive equipment, dull cutting tools, poor design or in some cases crummy cuts made with scissors! Sure you might save a dollar or two, but the end results will show it.

We pride ourselves on the best quality skins and material available anywhere. We constantly test and recalibrate our equipment to ensure every skin goes out without a glitch. With a long list of clients ranging from Microsoft to Ubisoft and everyone in between its hard to imagine settling for anything less than the best there is. Give one of our skins a try and you'll be convinced.

We received well over 5,000 emails asking about this custom Xbox® Console Skin®, so here it is, quit asking already :) Sorry all you "Call for help" fans out there, we can't sell you one just like this because it has TechTV's trademarks on it, but it sure is fun to look at.

G4TechTV Custom Console Skin

The lovely Sarah from TechTV's "Call for Help" shows off the TechTV® custom Xbox® Console Skin®.

TechTV Sarah